We're two brothers obsessed with bread. While other kids screamed for ice cream, we begged for a beautiful, crusty sourdough loaf (thanks, @mom). Now we bring that same excitement to every bag of Kooshy Croutons 

Real Bread Makes Real Croutons 

We start with the highest quality, organic whole grains to make a delicious loaf of real sourdough bread. It then gets cut, seasoned and baked again for that perfect crouton crunch. So go ahead, grab a handful of Kooshy Croutons and add them to your salad or soup. Better yet, just snack on 'em. 

Say goodbye to overly seasoned, enriched white flour croutons! 

What Does "Kooshy" Mean?  

Kooshy represents our dedication to artisan bread making from start to finish. A couche (pronounced koosh) is a cloth used to shape and proof loaves of bread. Quality + fun = Kooshy. 


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