We’re obsessed with bread. While other kids begged for ice cream, we asked for a beautiful crusty loaf of sourdough (thanks @mom). Now we bring that same passion for bread to every bag of Kooshy Croutons.

We all love croutons. They are tiny bits of toasted bread. Duh! Yet the ones at the supermarket are nothing like the ones we get at restaurants. Overly seasoned, enriched white flour store-bought croutons don’t represent today’s food values. You feel guilty just looking at them in your salad! BUT that’s where Kooshy is different. 

We first start with the highest quality, organic whole grains to make a lovely loaf of real sourdough bread, ya know the same one you'd get at your favorite bakery. It then gets cut, seasoned and baked again for that perfect crouton crunch. So go ahead, grab a handful of Kooshy Croutons and add them to your salad or soup. Better yet, just snack on 'em. After all, bread is joy!




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