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Chicago Handshake (Malort) Croutons


Ahhh sweet home Chicago. We've partnered with CH Distillery’s Malört to celebrate the city we love with a fun, charity crouton drop on May 13th…aka National Crouton Day!

The traditional Chicago Handshake (a shot of Jeppson’s Malört + Old Style beer) has long been the most popular way to introduce (haze) friends to the city, so this felt like a great way to christen our collaboration.

Plus all proceeds will benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Croutons, Malort & Charity - can it get any better?!?

Each can comes with both Malort & Beer flavored croutons plus your order will come with a ~regular~ bag of croutons. Yup...these croutons taste just like your ~favorite~ beverage 😏 Feel free to mix them in a friend's salad without telling them or just pop 'em straight out of the can. However you handshake, just be sure to have your phone ready to capture that "Malort face" and be sure to follow and tag us @kooshy @jeppsonsmalort

Psst they're also vegan friendly & dairy free so everyone can join this crouton party. 💃  

Customer Reviews

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Richard herzog

this is a great promotion. the chicago handshake. and the chicago food bank. can't wait to try it out

Matt Szymonik
Poor packaging hurt this

My wife bought me this as a gift. The box arrived with the can dented and open with croutons loose in the box. Some in the can were in a bag, but others were not. The can was lazily taped closed with two tiny pieces. And the sticker that came with it was cut because the sticker sheet was cut without any discernable care. The product is good. Not great, but still good. But the cheapness of the "collectable" can and lack of care put in to packaging and presentation hurts this very much.

I kinda feel dirty & used.

Well, I totally appreciate all of the proceeds going to charity, I just can’t justify the $30 I spent on this. The flimsy tallboy “can” of Chicago, handshake croutons, airplane bottle of Malort and bag of French toast croutons.
As a Malort fan, I wanted more of the commemorative can than the croutons… The “can” is so flimsy it is about the thickness of a bottle of water. Think actual human grip putting dents in it. I’m glad money went to charity but, I will not be ordering from this company again.

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